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Why submitting a PoC Proposal?

The ETSI AFI PoCs are an opportunity to bring together potential “Consumers” of GANA Framework in the Industry space such as - Developers of Software Components for autonomics, ISVs (Independent Software Vendors), OSS vendors, Traditional networking equipment vendors, Network Operators in their potential position as Software Companies to demonstrate and showcase GANA implementations and articulation with reference models for existing reference architectures as well as the other emerging complementary networking paradigms of NFV, SDN. This will lead to build trust and confidence on autonomics products and solutions and to guide and facilitate the adoption of autonomics by the Industry

I would like to submit an AFI POC proposal where can I find a Word version of the template?

The NTECH AFI PoC Proposal and Report Templates are available at PoC Framework

Do all of the PoC Team members have to be ETSI members / NTECH AFI WG participants?

No, for practical reasons, it is only required that the main point of contact of the POC is an 
NTECH AFI WG Participant.
PoC Proposal Acceptance Criteria are described in section 4.3 of the NTECH AFI PoC Framework 
and summarized in the PoC Framework page

How do I submit the completed AFI PoC Proposal?

Once your PoC Proposal completed, you need to:
1)	upload it to the ETSI portal as a regular contribution to NTECH AFI WG
2)	send an email to NTECH_AFI@LIST.ETSI.ORG with [ADI PoC Proposal] in the subject line and a link to 
the uploaded contribution included in the body. To be able to post your email, you will need to subscribe
to that list if not already done. See section 4.2 of the AFI PoC Framework for further details.